Quick Start Guide - Setting Up CareSmart

Quick Start Guide - Setting Up CareSmart

We've created the CareSmart Quick Start Guide to help you get started with your new kit quickly and easily. 
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    • System Status Page

      View the CareSmart system status in real time for the following services: CareSmart website Customer portal Mobile apps Cellular data networks Payment gateway Alerts system Support portal View system status here
    • How do I setup my appliance sensors

      To get started with your appliance sensor: 1. Check which appliance sensor you have - CareSmart has two types. Both operate in the same way but look different.  Type A:  Type A Type B: Type B 2. Plug your appliance sensor into the wall outlet, and ...
    • All Device Alerts

      Remember: the CareSmart system is designed for activity monitoring. It is not intended to be used or relied upon as an emergency alarm system or a life monitoring service.  Introduction: The "All Device" alerts allows you to be notified if there has ...
    • How do I setup my hub?

      To get started with your hub: 1. Remove your hub from the packaging. 2. Place your hub on a safe flat surface, away from risk of being knocked onto the floor or similar: CareSmart Hub on flat surface 3. Connect the USB cable to the supplied power ...