How do I setup my motion sensor?

How do I setup my motion sensor?

To get started with your motion sensor:
1. On the back of the device is a power switch. Turn this switch to the LEFT to the ON position. You may wish to use a pin or a tooth pick to assist you:
Turn to LEFT to switch ON
2. After turning on the sensor, the LED on the front of the device will flash for approximately 30s as it initialises. This LED will then extinguish and only illuminate when motion is detected. 
LED flashes during startup
3. Once the device is switched on, it can be mounted on the wall. This can be done by either the included adhesive pads, or by screwing into a suitable surface.  If  The motion sensors is supplied with a bracket which can be used to position the sensor at an angle, or the sensor can be affixed directly to the wall. 
Motion sensor attached to wall

Damage may occur to painted surfaces when adhesive pads are removed. If concerned, please choose the Command Strip option at checkout.

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