How do I setup my appliance sensors

How do I setup my appliance sensors

To get started with your appliance sensor:

1. Check which appliance sensor you have - CareSmart has two types. Both operate in the same way but look different. 

Type A: 
Type A

Type B:
Type B

2. Plug your appliance sensor into the wall outlet, and plug your appliance into the sensor:
Type A Connected to Appliance
Type B Connected to Appliance

3. Both Type A and Type B appliance sensors have a power button. This will illuminate blue when on. Once the appliance has been plugged in to the appliance sensor, ensure the CareSmart appliance sensor is left switched on. The sensor will automatically detect when the appliance is being used based on power consumption. 

Top Tips
1. Keep your CareSmart appliance sensor switched on. It will automatically detect when the appliance is being used. 
2. Only use the CareSmart appliance sensor with the appliance registered in your account portal. 
3. Do not plug multiple appliances or extension leads into the CareSmart appliance sensor.

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