All Device Alerts

All Device Alerts

Remember: the CareSmart system is designed for activity monitoring. It is not intended to be used or relied upon as an emergency alarm system or a life monitoring service. 

The "All Device" alerts allows you to be notified if there has been no activity detected from any device by a certain time each day. 

Potential Use Cases:
Set to notify you by a specified time if there has been no activity detected from any sensor. 

Rule Example: 
If there is no activity triggered from any sensor by 9am each day, then send me an alert.

How it Works:
The CareSmart alerts system will constantly check to see if there has been any activity detected from all sensors from 00:01 each day. If no activity is detected by the time specified in the alert configuration, CareSmart will send you a notification. 

What to be Aware Of:
Any activity detected after 00:01 will count as activity the next day. Therefore, if for example, there is activity detected from a toilet sensor or a landing motion sensor after midnight and you've configured this alert to let you know if there's been no activity by 9am, you will not receive a notification. 

The "All Device" alert will notify you if there has been no activity from any sensor by the time specified in the alert rule. You will continue to receive an alert every hour thereafter if there continues to be no activity detected from any sensor. 

Our alerts system is constantly evolving and we are currently working on the ability to exclude specific sensors from alerts. If you have any feedback or feature requests in relation to alerts, please do let us know by logging a ticket. 

Type of Alerts:
The following alerts are supported for this rule:
- Push Notifications (requires the free CareSmart mobile app. Search "CareSmart" in your app store).
- Email Notifications (we strongly recommend keeping email alerts enabled as these contain additional useful information about the triggered alert).
- SMS notifications. Requires an additional subscription. If you'd like to upgrade to SMS notifications, please log a support ticket. 

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